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Board Members of Operation Restoration

Anne Batte, Visionary and Developer  
In March 2008, Anne developed Operation Restoration, a national non-profit mission of healing and restoration, dedicated to educating borrowers about options to prevent foreclosure and to counter wrongful foreclosure. The teaching website www.operationrest.org was created through collaboration with Wells Fargo and Bank of America subject matter experts, FHA/HUD, Veteran’s Administration, the Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta, American Real Estate University, Equifax, local reputable bankruptcy attorneys, and more recently, specially trained foreclosure defense attorneys. The mission has been endorsed by the Clark Howard Consumer Action Center for over one and one-half (1 ½) years and it was recently the undisclosed source for WSBTV stories about foreclosure and notary fraud. It is currently engaged in developing teams who will utilize a combination of self-help, trained attorneys who collaborate, and trusted contracted resources (auditors, paralegals, expert witnesses). in addition, the mission educates and assist news reporters, legislators, the Attorney General, Superior Court Clerks and staff, and law enforcement.
In 2004, while working as a Realtor and wanting to “give back”, Anne was referred pre-foreclosure cases by an investor and learned to stop foreclosure by communicating with lenders. In August, 2004, she was filmed for an infomercial and recognized for “Doing Real Estate the Right Way” by Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup of the Soul books) and Robert Allen, real estate trainer and author. Anne has taught 30-minute public service segments on FM radio (Star 94 and 101.5) to help listeners with pending foreclosures. She has been featured on local FOX TV, WSBTV (ABC), 11Alive (NBC), CBS Atlanta, People TV, Star 94FM, and Gina Woodham’s cable TV show “It’s a Lifestyle”. In a “Home for the Holidays" press conference, she delivered the Message of Hope, urging people not to give up. "1,000's of Foreclosures could have been stopped if people knew the TRUTH."
Anne spent 10 years in corporate sales management, has invested in and renovated real estate, and has helped her family’s property management business. Over the past 9 years, she has counseled homeowners in 37 states. “Wall Street/Securitization happened and as a result, we are facing the worst disaster this nation will ever see,” Anne says sadly. “But, the real disaster is fear and loss of faith which results from the loss of shelter.” Our mission is to educate, encourage, and empower so that people will have the correct tools to battle wrongdoing. And our wish is for people’s faith to be restored. Anne has seen miracles with the mission.
Anne has a Masters in Business Administration and a real estate Broker's license (inactive).

Carlton Young, Author and Motivational Speaker  Georgia
Carlton N. Young, is an author, motivational speaker, and the founder of Life Empowerment Network International.  He has a Doctor of Biblical Studies Degree from the North Carolina College of Theology. During a 22-year duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, he was awarded the "Soldiers Medal for Heroism." for action in a Vietnam combat line unit. He also served in the first Gulf War.  A plethora of uncontrollable circumstances led to Carlton’s 3-year life as a homeless man with a small son.  Today, he travels across the country sharing his story of survival on the streets – a heart wrenching story also chronicled in his book titled “From Home to Homeless to Success”. He inspires people how to survive difficult situations and teaches the principles of positive attitude, perseverance, self-love, and most of all – faith.  He encourages people to find success in each endeavor.  Carlton is a living example of how one can make “lemonade out of lemons”.  Carlton supports Operation Restoration because of his association with the homeless community. "Homelessness does not just affect people with addictions, mental illness or those dealing with domestic violence. Today it's not who is homeless; rather who are now at risk of being homeless?” He believes that the most effective bailout in our nation today is an investment in the minds of those facing the loss of their jobs and their homes.

Cal Crutchfield, former Executive Director (retired), Transition House  Georgia
Over a period of 10 years, Cal Crutchfield was instrumental in the signficant growth of Transition House which provides services to over 100 homeless clients, most of which are Veterans.  Because of his leadership, T.H. was consistently recognized for its rehabilitation and support of homeless men, women, and children.  Cal has dedicated his life to serving those who have experienced traumatic hardship and the less fortunate.  His work resulted in growth from 4 houses to 22 facilities and family style living units with donated funds exceeding $1 million.  Cal's first exposure to substance abuse, was in 1971 when he was appointed Director (NCOIC) of the Military's first "Drug Treatment and Control" program at Fort Hood, TX. This facility treated over 50% of all Vietnam veterans who were tested positive for drugs and were returning from war.  Since then he has developed empowerment prevention programs to change behavior, creating and promoting curricula and models for national prevention and education.  Cal’s papers have been published in professional journals. He has a a Masters of Science Adult Education & Community Services and a Bachelors of Science in Human Relations & Business Administration.  Cal supports Operation Restoration’s efforts to serve veterans, to prevent homelessness and to provide education so that people will have the tools to make informed decisions.

Fred Watson, Cause-Marketing Consultant, Founder of the International Campaign for Victory over Violence USA  Georgia (deceased)
Fred passionately supports Operation Restoration because of the associated and resulting violence: domestic, crime, vandalism, and the most heartbreaking, suicide.  He has designed training and community mobilization tools which enroll diverse cultures to socio-economically work together, resolve conflicts and reduce community violence. The name brand has been adopted by governors, mayors, universities, colleges, school systems and communities to include USA and abroad: GA, AL, MI, TN, CA, AK, MA, D.C., England, Japan, France, Russia, Canada and Puerto Rico. Fred’s mission, to engage youth and adult survivors of all forms of violence, has resulted in participation of a reported 12 million people over the past 15 years. His cause marketing efforts include “Just Say Wait-True Love Waits” (S. Baptist) “Just Say No” (former First Lady Nancy Reagan), Missing Children On Bags (United Grocers Assoc.) and Atlanta Religious Mobilization Against Crime (ARMAC), the latter involving 149 churches, mosques and synagogues in collaboration with education, law enforcement and social service groups. as well as numerous business and local officials. Fred has consulted entities such as U.S. Military, AT&T, Boys & Girls Clubs, Charitable Connections, other businesses, and local officials. He is founder of Dads on Duty Crusade and hosts a live weekly TV Show.  Fred chairs Victory Music, Entertainment & Communications Italy, UK and Africa.  Past and present Georgia Governors designate May as “Victory Month” statewide. He has been awarded the International Liberty Award, the Gandhi Foundation USA Service Award among others.

Franklin A. McMinn, Business Consultant Georgia
Franklin A. McMinn is an accomplished consultant and leader in local and state government affairs. His mission is to facilitate communication of Operation Restoration’s disaster relief plan with State legislators, members of Congress, and the President’s transition team. His goal is to introduce solutions (procedures and regulations) that will help change systems to save thousands from losing their homes. He has been a lobbyist for a variety of GA businesses and served the members of NFIB and the GA Chamber of Commerce. He has been instrumental in impacting Economic Development in West Georgia counties by connecting key leaders in business, financial institutions and government agencies for the purpose of planning Atlanta Metro expansion into previously agricultural areas. Frank has served as the National Director of Dealer Seminars for one of the world’s largest direct sales organizations, as Executive Director for a statewide healthcare association and as a VP of Business Development for a startup radiology software company. He attended post-graduate work at University of Georgia, received his B.S. in Marketing with honors from MTSU and graduated from Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN. His company, Northstar Group Consulting, Ltd. packages guaranteed loans for businesses through banks that participate in SBA and USDA programs. He is a passionate leader, political activist, humanitarian, motivational speaker, educator, and businessman.

Chuck Eckenberg Telecommunications Las Vegas, Nevada
“Uncle Chuck” Eckenberg has over 30 years executive experience in the telecommunications industry. He has held executive management and senior consulting positions with AT&T Canada, Sprint USA, Reliance InfoComm (Mumbai India) and ComNet USA. His experience encompasses the buildout and launch of numerous inbound/outbound telemarketing centers worldwide which entailed the seamless interface to other departmental activities on a global basis.  Chuck’s expertise in preparing advertising and direct response marketing initiatives has endeared him to major national, international and Fortune 1000 corporations. Additionally, Chuck holds a BA degree from the University of Nebraska and is an ex-Marine.  Currently semi-retired, he provides direction to individuals and groups experiencing fast growth challenges.  Chuck speaks at industry seminars and conferences about digital video broadcasting and developing webinar programs. His hobby as an avid amateur Texas Hold-em poker player led to the development of a radio talk show during the 2007 & 2008 Harrah’s World Series of Poker shown on ESPN. Chuck hosted his own radio talk show on KLAV1230 radio in Las Vegas called ”Poker Talk Today”.  Chuck is currently the CEO of www.sell.ibuzzpro.com, a voice broadcasting software company serving the SMB marketplace to help businesses to develop leads and new customers for their respective organizations through the use of internet based software and solutions platforms.
Dr. Bob Winford, Consultant, Commentator, and Strategist Michigan
Since 1967 Bob Winford has been political consultant and strategist for more than 650 campaigns. He has written and produced hundreds of radio and television commercials, and authored more than 12,000 political brochures, flyers, tabloids and newspaper advertisements. Bob has traveled with presidential candidates as political advisor, photographer, and writer, working in the Iowa Caucuses, and political events from Florida to California. He has said, “I am especially interested in tough, contested races and prefer local campaigns where grassroots politics reign.” Many candidates have attributed his volunteer recruitment program as the key to winning on Election Day. Candidates seeking political office are successfully using the method and are intrigued by his his “political creativity and its application to print and electronic media. Bob has a B.S., a Master of Arts, and an Oxford University Doctorate in Philosphy. He co-hosted “Morning in America,”, a Monday - Friday 6am-9am News/Talk radio show originating in Washington, D.C., and was broadcasting live when the World Trade Center Towers were hit on 9-11. He is a member of the popular “Arm Chair Politics” radio show originating from station WKUF, Kettering University, Flint, Michigan. Bob has spoken at rallies and film festivals promoting major Billy Graham Crusades. He is a guest speaker at political rallies, workshops, conventions, and forums throughout the United States and is a political commentator on radio and television.
Reverend Gail Sutton, Calling to Action: Faith-Based Organizations to help with disaster relief Georgia
Gail Sutton is the First Lady of Jackson Memorial Baptist Church where Dr. Gregory A. Sutton is Senior Pastor. She desires to operate totally in the will of God by not only being a hearer of His Word, but also a doer of His Word. She has hosted a Christian television show called “In His Hands” that aired weekly on Atlanta’s WATC – TV57. Reverend Sutton was given a vision twelve years ago to start a women’s ministry, “Women of Helping Hands” which has adopted schools in the community.  She has also started Project Seraphims, a nonprofit organization consisting of three primary programs: Seraphim Learning Center – an early development academy; School of Seraphims - a private, Christian elementary school with special programs for children with learning disabilities; and House of Seraphims – a center for homeless women and children.  As the wife of a Pastor, First Lady Gail strives to walk in a countenance that reflects the presence of the Lord in her life.  She has a sincere heart for God’s people and she believes, “God never asks about our ability or inability…just our Availability!
Bonnie Dobbs, Public Relations Georgia
As a successful entrepreneur, over the past 30 years Bonnie has developed an international logistics company, a successful car repair facility, a state-approved nail and skin care school, and a social and business networking company. She created a unique social program which was adopted by the Atlanta Braves which is still being used today.  Bonnie is skilled at managing complex projects, business development, organizational and work flow design, and utilizing varied resources to tackle challenges which seem to be “against all odds”.  Bonnie has also been active as a volunteer to support significant causes such as services protecting battered women and abused children, and programs preventing homelessness.  Her helpful spirit has resulted in numerous companies and individuals donating many products and services to aid worthy non-profit organizations.  Bonnie is currently working with Operation Restoration to carry the comprehensive foreclosure disaster relief plan to Washington, D.C.

This information is provided free of charge by Operation Restoration. Donations are critically needed to help this mission move forward. If this material has helped you or someone you love, please click on the Donate button below.  May God bless you.
                                                                                                - Anne Batte, Executive Director

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