Operation Restoration!
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Get Involved to Stop Foreclosure

If you are interested in Getting Involved, please fill in the form below.  Thank you for making a big difference in the lives of others!

List of Get Involved Committees
Grassroots Committee to build movement
> First priority will be to focus on upcoming election:
   PR to electronically circulate petition
   Contact candidates running for office
   Work with churches and other groups to sponsor educational meetings.

> Need videographer
> Need Press Release and Public Service Announcement writer
> Need bloggerFirst priority will be to write a 30 second pitch and a script for YouTube
> Need writer for educational letter to be sent to courts, AG, FBI.

Religious, Civil Rights, and other large Groups
> Need help setting up large educational sessions (with churches, civil rights, and other large groups)

Fund Raising
> Need someone to write fund raising letter and people to distribute/follow up to raise funds
> Need people’s suggestions and implementation on fund raising ideas/outlets.

Legal Team (to help with wrongful foreclosure and pre-foreclosure intake)
> Identify law students at educational institutions who will be willing to intern and learn this speciality
> Need people to recruit attorneys and paralegals

Reporting Team (to report judicial misconduct)
> Need to structure way to file complaints pertaining to judicial misconduct and follow up with investigators
> Later we will need people to sit in the courts and take notes to maintain accountability.

List of Get Involved Needs:
1. Administative
Social media
    Contact management

2. Fund Letter and Follow Up
3. Public Relations
4. Provide one-on-one (via phone) guidance to Borrowers
    Involves learning online material extremely well.
5. Legal  

Join the Operation Restoration Movement!

Your help is critically needed and we thank you for your interest. Someone will contact you shortly. Note: We have had intermittent problems with email. If you do not receive a call within 24 hours, please call 678-744-8210 and let us know that you filled in this form. Thank you. Sincerely, Anne Batte Executive Director

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