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Get Your Pooling and Servicing Agreement (P.S.A.)  -
Instructions how to get your PSA

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What is a Pooling and Servicing Agreement (P.S.A.)?
A Pooling and Servicing Agreement (P.S.A.) is the CONTRACT filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when the Trust containing a loan was formed.   It lists all the Transaction Parties that were involved in the formation of the Trust.

Note: Not all Trusts are listed in the SEC (i.e. Private Trusts, Offshore Trusts, Fannie and Freddie Trusts).
See illustration diagram of Fannie Freddie trusts
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Trusts are not required to be disclosed and cannot be found in the SEC!  Please appeal to your elected officials to mandate disclosure of Fannie and Freddie Trusts. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are private companies, not government-owned companies and should be subject to the same Trust disclosure regulations.

How to get a Pooling and Servicing Agreement:
Please check the Fannie and Freddie websites first to see if either entity owns your loan before requesting assistance to find your PSA. If you have a Fannie Mae loan, here are the governing documents.

METHOD #1 (Quick, Inexpensive Method:  Ask a trusted resource.  Often, looking for a P.S.A. is like finding a "needle in a haystack." 

One of our supporters who has the extensive databases to find P.S.A.'s within the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) will provide this service for $75!  A link to your P.S.A. will be sent to you within a day or two.  As he is an expert witness in cases, he has asked us not to publish his phone number.

STEP (1) Click on Paypal button and send payment to Full Disclosure LLC.  You do not have to have Paypal account.  Caution: Please check the Fannie and Freddie websites first to see if either entity owns your loan before requesting assistance to find your PSA. Remember, Fannie and Freddie trusts are not disclosed in the SEC. Jay cannot process a refund.

FHA and VA Loans: These loans cannot be found in the SEC. Do not request PSA for FHA or VA Loans.  These loans can be in a Ginnie Mae pool and upon default may be purchased from that pool by the Servicer (Servicer in this example becomes the new owner/creditor).  Jay cannot process a refund. 

Note: This payment goes directly to the Full Disclosure LLC, not to Operation Restoration.  Please note: Operation Restoration is in critical need of donations - please click here.

STEP (2) Send the following data to Jay Patterson jay@fulldisclosurellc.com. (Sample below. Fill in your own answers).

Original lenderWashington Mutual Bank, FA, 2901 Gateway Dr., Ste. 150 USMAIL, Irving, TX 75063
ServicerChase, PO Box 9001123, Louisville, KY 40290-1123
MIN number (this is the MERS Identification Number)  1001475-1000012012-1
Loan Numbers (sometimes loan numbers change when Loans are transferred - give all of them if applicable) – 0083228817
Any alternative Loan Number you may have on loan documentsnone, other than some documents don’t contain the first two zeros
City, State and Zip CodeJoe M. Smith & Jane M. Smith – 304 Any Street, Atlanta, GA 30189
Date of  Origination 3/15/2004 (closing date)
Type of loan - first, second, pay option, 5 yr arm, etc.first mortgage – pick a pay ARM (Note states ADJUSTABLE RATE NOTE – 12-MTA Index – Payment and Rate Caps)
First payment amount - EX. 1354.34
1)  $887.43 – PITI minimum payment
2) interest only – n/a 
3)  full principal & interest payment (based on the scheduled remaining term of your loan) - $1,110.29
4) full principal & interest payment (based on 15 year term) - $1,601.95
Beginning Interest rate - Example  6.50% - 4.0380% listed on statement.  Interest on the notes states yearly rate of 3.984%.  In the interest paragraph of the note the next sentence states “Thereafter until the first Change Date (as defined in Section 4 of this Note) I will pay interest at a yearly rate of 1.750%.
Loan Amount. - $184,000.00
Last 4 digits of social security numbers: 3456 (Jane Doe) 7890 (John Doe)
Jay may have to ask for entire social security number(s) but will notify you.

Also attach the Security Deed or Deed of Trust or Mortgage, only pages 1-2 and last page.

STEP (3): After you receive your P.S.A. from Full Disclosure, LLC, email the LINK to the PSA to Certified@SEC.gov and request a certified copy of your pooling and servicing agreement. Alternate emails if the other one malfunctions: Christina Sarahan sarahan@sec.gov and Larry Mills millsl@sec.gov
If you do not receive a confirmation email from the SEC within a day or two, we advise that you send a follow up email.
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METHOD #2 (Longer >30 days, FREE Method)
Send the above data points directly to Certified@SEC.gov and request a certified copy of the pooling and servicing agreement (PSA).  Note:  Expect over a 30 day delay if they have to find it.
If you do not receive a confirmation email from the SEC within a day or two, we advise that you send a follow up email.
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As information, the address from which records will originate is:

Office of FOIA, Records Management, and Security-

Certification Unit

100 F. Street, N.E.

Room 1110

Washington, DC 20549




Request for additional help

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