Operation Restoration!
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A Plea for Help -- A Cry for Justice

Thank you donating to help this mission move forward.  God bless you.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

At this time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I am crying for justice for the people in this country. It is sickening the amount of wrongful foreclosures that have occurred, with not only neighbors turning their heads (“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39), but forces of evil are bottom feeding off the victimization of our brothers and sisters – foreclosure mills and document processing places that are manufacturing false documents to foreclose, judges who are seen nodding and winking at the foreclosure attorneys, packed courtrooms with people who are being handled like animals (or less), and people calling in screaming because they have been wrongfully ripped from their homes after filing wrongful foreclosure suits. This is out of control.

We are in a rigged system. The events of Wall Street and greedy people inside Investment Banks, Walls Street, big Lenders, Trusts, Servicers, MERS… it has been put together in a grand scheme to steal. I have finally figured out how to explain it. But we need to educate folks how to strategically battle back. It is not the “Occupy” movement. In my opinion, they are actually distracting from the real issues and doing it violently, thereby diluting what should be the real efforts.

Especially in Georgia, the worst foreclosure state, there has to be some “checks and balances”, a way to communicate best practices of survival in this arena, and a way to get the “light” on this horrible wrongdoing. Evil loves the darkness. I have seen it all, and I have had enough.

I am crying out for help. We need door openers, leaders, help with Internet TV set up, more man/woman power and more board members. We have legal resources but need more hands. The few specially trained lawyers are beginning to collaborate against this monster. But EVERYONE, including judges and state court clerks, need training because this is a speciality. Our laws don’t even address.some issues spawning from securitization and credit default swaps.

We are in massive trouble. People are being beaten up, lied to, and stolen from. We have to educate them – quickly. The Christmas season with all the commercialism almost makes me sick when I see people who have been stripped of shelter - wrongfully, needlessly, just because the system planned it.  Another buck another day.

If you give to a shelter or serve food to a shelter this season, remember that many of the people didn’t have to be there. Children, the elderly, single mothers, veterans, fathers who did not know how to battle the system and feel failure. You would be amazed at the professional folks who fell under the pressure.

The good news is: we can help people fight back. But we need real, dedicated help. Please call in if you are willing. Or, please
donate so that we can pay for training and help.

What a bittersweet Christmas. What would Jesus say?

Anne Batte
Executive Director