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Restore Team
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Note: See Resource for Pooling and Servicing Agreement at the bottom.  Also see Get Your PSA.

The following resources -- are trusted in the field of foreclosure defense.  This list will be expanded as additional resources are investigated.  *For other states, we recommend speaking with attorneys who have been trained by Max GardnerClick here.   Also see below for Florida and New York experts.

Florida Attorney
Chris Sprysenski, Attorney
Salfi Law, P.A.
999 Douglas Avenue, Suite 3324
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Office: 407-774-2700
Fax:  407-774-7308
Florida Attorney
Jacqulyn (Jackie) Mack, Esquire
2022 Placida Road
Englewood, Florida 34224-5204
(941) 475-7966
(941) 475-0729
Sarasota Office:
27 Fletcher Avenue
Sarasota, Florida 34237
(941) 893 -6400

New York Attorney
Robert E. Brown

Law Offices of Robert E. Brown, PC
44 Wall Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10005
(212) 766-9779
18 Mott Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013
(347) 488-6969
2409 Richmond Road
Staten Island, NY 10306
(718) 979-9779

Securitization auditors (national)
Paula Rush
Expert Witness/Educator (attorneys)
*in-depth expert; creates extensive
Affidavit based on investor reports,
document exception reports, loss share

Securitization auditors (national)
* will also pull PSA for $75 - see

Get Your PSA
Jay Patterson
Expert Witness/Forensic Accountant/ Certified Fraud Examiner
Full Disclosure, LLC

**Only works with attorneys.
More Team Members & Trusted Resources (not inclusive):
Frank Alexander
Emory University School of Law
Office: 404.727.6982

More Team Members & Trusted Resources (not inclusive):

See Get Your PSA for more instructions re Quick and Longer (free) Methods.
(Read below notes first).
Quick Method:  To receive your Pooling and Servicing Agreement (P.S.A.) to send to the SEC, pay $75 via PayPal here (this goes directly to the resource, not to the mission):
Jay Patterson***
Full Disclosure, LLC 
Note: Please send data points to this resource after making payment.  Instructions are under
Get Your PSA.

***This resource is trusted. 

NOTE: Not all mortgage loans are securitized. 
1)  Only PSA's for public placement securitizations can be identified*.
2)  Re: Government Sponsored Entities (GSE) - Taxpayers now own Fannie and Freddie.  GSE loans: location of your loan pool has not been made public.  If your loan is owned by a trust created by Fannie and Freddie, please call
FHFA the conservator and regulator of Fannie and Freddie AND your legislators to demand access.  
Please check the
Fannie and Freddie websites first to see if either entity owns your loan before requesting assistance to find your PSA. If you have a Fannie Mae loan, here are the governing documents.
3)  Re: Private placement securitization trusts - The identities of these trusts are usually not available and there are no governing documents filed with the SEC. The only way to obtain governing documents is through discovery*.

*There are exceptions.

Request for additional help

Thank you for contacting Operation Restoration. Please fill in the information below if you need clarification on material or guidance on strategy. We will contact you shortly. Notes: (1) While the information provided on the website is free to use (if it helps you in any way, please remember to donate), we are transitioning into a donation-based personalized assistance operation. As you know this arena is very specialized. This mission has spent extensive hours over the past 6 years to remain ahead of the curve. (2) Remember, your participation and team work are necessary as ongoing in-depth research is necessary to achieve leverage. Education empowers people to survive and succeed. We look forward to speaking with you. Sincerely, Anne Batte Executive Director