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November 4, 2010 
Suspicious Signatures on Foreclosure           
Documents   (Click on image for written story). 

* Video removed from WSBTV website.
November 11, 2010                               
Prosecutors Probe Counterfeit Notary

* Video and story removed from WSBTV website.
Story told about a notary, Walet Archer, who 
signed documents for a year using Juanita
Hicks' notary stamp (a former Fulton County 
Superior Court Clerk).
Georgians are victims
of fraud.
See related Florida news story.

November 12, 2010 
Foreclosure Law Firm Accused of Fraud,
Racketeering: Class Action Law Suit 
(Click on link or image for written story).

*Video removed from WSBTV website.
November 22, 2010
Homeowners Sue Over Alleged Foreclosure
Fraud, Seek State Help
(Written story removed from AJC website).

December 1, 2010
New AG Olens Wants Power to Launch Criminal
Investigations of Improper Foreclosures
(Click on link or image for written story).

April 3, 2011
60 Minutes: Mortgage Paperwork Mess
(Click on link or image to view video and story).

June 14, 2011  
Official Vows To Investigate Notary Misuse Claims    
Tina Robinson, Fulton County Superior Court Clerk
(Click on link to view story and image to view video). 

June 15, 2011
Officials Revoke Notary Commissions
Debra Deberry, Dekalb County Superior Court Clerk
(Click on image to view video).

September 5, 2012
CBS Atlanta Special News Report (11 Minutes)
(Click on image to view video).


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We want to thank the following news professionals who have been willing to report recent news about this mission. Because of their efforts, many more people have received encouragement and correct education to prevent foreclosure.


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