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Tools with Teeth Lesson Plan

Volunteer Researchers and Litigators/Judges Needed
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"It is with great sadness that the climate of this nation has necessitated the development of this lesson.  Violations leading to unfair treatment of the American people have resulted in hopelessness, illness, and destruction of the natural drive to survive. We cannot give up or walk away because that will lead to massive economic failure.  People will lose more jobs; credit markets will dry up; there will be no commerce; we will become a nation of dependency.  I am personally asking for help because we cannot do this alone."  - Anne Batte, Executive Director
We need the help of researchers and litigators/judges to develop a plan to teach borrowers step-by-step instructions how to use mediation or litigation (either pursuing a law suit oneself or with an assisting attorney or mitigator) to encourage mortgage servicers to comply with federal, state, and county laws regarding procedures and fair treatment.  This lesson will teach how to apply violations in mortgage loans, pre-foreclosure procedural violations, reporting violations,  insufficient notification (disclosure), etc. to file complaints to gain fair results.  Possible outcomes may include principal balance reduction, monetary damages due to negative credit reporting during the modification process, completed short sales with reduced or forgiven deficiencies, immediate loan modifications, monetary damages for emotional distress. The severity of violations whereby Borrowers did not receive correct disclosures, correct treatment, etc. has necessitated giving "tools with teeth".  It is truly sad we have come to this.

The recent wave of underwater Borrowers "walking away" from properties will cause massive destruction to economic health.  One specific instruction we intend to research and teach is how to apply violations to encourage Servicers to do principal balance reductions. The reality is here, regardless of blame or judgment.  The nation's property values have crumbled and we need to know how best to handle this reality within a broken system.

Coming soon (with the help of community volunteers nationally - please get involved):
•  Chart of Common Violations in the areas of Mortgages, Servicer Reporting and
    Disclosure, Foreclosure Procedure and others.
•  Sample documents needed to institute law suit or mediation for damages or correction.
•  Suggested partners (for mortgage audit assistance and legal/mediation assistance).

This is a community based website.  Information reported is verified through sources to ensure validity. 

Please check this page regularly for updates to lessons, and thank you for your consideration to help this mission.

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